Anti-C and PPE Leasing and Sales

Anti-C and PPE Leasing and Sales

RAD-STAT is a new protective garment that will revolutionize the industry.

  • Static-Reduction – Reduces overall static build-up to minimize debris and particulate attachment.  The addition of carbon (not yarn) into the fabric dissipates the overall static charges seen in our various environments. Carbon is used for medical surgical gowns, safety vests for use in the gas/oil utilities trade, clean room garments, etc.

  • Moisture-Reduction – Reduces moisture attraction through its novel hydrophobic treatment properties. Also reduces microbial growth through less moisture retention.

  • Breathable – Allows for air passage, making it more comfortable to wear.

  • Light-weight and Comfortable – Weight of material lighter than the industry standard, cotton. Low heat stress and minimal ergonomic encumbrance.

  • Environment-Friendly – Compared to disposables and dissolvables, reusable garments have a lower environmental impact, and require less water and fewer detergents for cleaning.

  • Fabric Weave Technology – Increased strength and durability. Material production is ISO 9001 certified and tested in-house. Nylon is superior to both cotton and PVA on Fabric Breaking Strength Tests and Seam Tests.