Company Profile and Capabilities Statement

BES Technologies, LLC, strives to be a self-performing Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small-Business
(SDVOSB). Our services include:

  • Respirator cleaning
  • Repair services (Fit and integrity testing)
  • Uniform services
  • Laundry services
  • Radiological and non-radiological capabilities for the above
  • Pressure testing for PPE
  • Mobile cleaning services
  • Specialty radiological services
  • CERCLA Off-Site Rule Allowance

Our focus is to reintroduce clean and safe products (respirators, laundry, etc.) so that they do not add to our landfills. As good stewards of the environment, we are attentive to environmental processes and issues in order to keep our Earth clean. We work with teaming partners to aid us in our more sensitive work that requires Federal and State endorsements and licenses, providing a broad range of service options. We provide a custom fit for either clean or radiological laundry and/or respirator services. Based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, our facilities allow us a broad range of adaptations to perform custom work based on our customers' needs. We help customers determine the best possible solution, allowing us to exceed your expectations and reduce your costs.


  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Emerging Small Business
  • CAGE # – 5DRD0
  • DUNS # – 829963722
  • EIN # – 264474557

Services (NAICS Codes)

  • 812332 – Respirator cleaning
  • 334510 – Respirator services
  • 812320 – Dry cleaning and laundry services (except Coin-Operated)
  • 562910 – Environmental remediation services
  • 541711 – Research and development, Life science

BEST Company Goals

BEST is committed to providing environmental remediation services to our customers. The ability to perform our services in the most environmental-friendly manner is critical to our operations.

Environment, Safety and Health

BEST adheres to specific industrial occupational safety & health requirements and regulations that govern this industry. Environmental controls are a part of all operations and work plans at BEST

Green Is Clean Program

BES Technologies (BEST) practices environmental stewardship in our daily operations, our overall business model and strategy (cleaning for reuse instead of discarding), and with our efforts to continually improve our environmental impact. BEST’s service offering of respirator cleaning and washing along with its laundry service is based on the idea of recycling and reusing rather than discarding and generating radioactive or other forms of waste.

BEST is committed to recycling by using recycled products and, in turn, recycling our used products. We strive to create the smallest energy footprint possible in our use of Energy Star and high efficiency appliances and equipment and with the use of natural lighting where possible. Our belief in continually working to improve what we can control and what we can have an influence over, in regards to our environment and community is a priority within all levels of our company.

BEST’s environmental stewardship work practices would compliment an existing EMS program for meeting goals in reducing impacts to the environment and promoting sustainability of resources. BEST can accept materials and equipment at BEST/TOXCO for radiological survey and decontamination, if necessary, resulting in the unconditional free release of the item from all radiological regulatory control. Some radiological waste may be generated but will be disposed of in accordance with appropriate regulations.